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Studio Victoria


Studio Victoria is a cutting-edge technology consultancy always striving to reduce defects, increase workplace safety and promote sustainability. Our specialities are Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and User Experience to create functional and beautiful solutions, trying to make the world a better place.

We believe that the future belongs to those who can imagine it first. That’s why we have our eyes on the horizon for new technologies, trends and innovations so we can help you get there before everyone else does.


To make bleeding-edge technology accessible to all our clients, helping them reduce costs and risks while increasing efficiency and sustainability.


  • Fully flexible
  • Inclusive, non-discriminatory, and multicultural
  • Collaborative
  • Open-minded and respectful
  • Based on science, data, and facts
  • Integrity
  • We support charitable causes
  • We promote sustainability and the circular economy


To be recognised as a company that drives innovation, promotes sustainability, and offers opportunities for young people to develop their careers.

We're proud of using low C02 servers!
Studio Victoria is a Cyber Essentials Certified Company

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