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In previous articles, we have already covered what is 3D printing, 3D printing in Construction, and 3D printing in Property Development. In this blog post we are going to be discussing 3D printing for the Facilities Management Industry by answering the following question: what are the advantages of 3D printing technology in the Facilities Management Industry? Keep reading to find out how 3D printing for Facilities Management can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


3D printing is transforming a whole range of industry sectors as it provides the ability to create entire buildings, manufacturing parts, prosthetics, scale models, infrastructure, and so on. 3D printing for the Facilities Management Industry can help towards building smarter management systems for efficiency gains and improve maintenance to extend a life span. To learn more about the advantages of 3D printing technology, here we have created a list to share with you how 3D printing can benefit your business:

  • Increases lifespan of machinery: as technology is always advancing, machines may become outdated, or parts may be discontinued, or become too expensive to purchase. 3D printing can help you overcome these issues by outsourcing the parts yourself by printing them
  • Reduces inventory costs: some companies keep spare parts to repair machinery and prevent machine downtime. Although, maintaining a storeroom full of spare parts adds up on top of the expense of buying the spare parts. 3D printing can allow you to print a couple of spare parts and the complexity of the design would not matter helping you to free up space and reduce inventory costs
  • Enables prototypes: 3D printing is commonly known for creating prototypes and the Facilities Management industry can take advantage of this to get parts and products faster and cheaper. Printing a prototype also enables for better customisation and redesign as it produces parts in one solid piece compared to traditional methods
  • Delivers products much quicker: making a tool can take up to months whereas a 3D printer can give you a tool in a matter of hours or days depending on the design. Therefore, adopting and utilising a 3D printer can help the Facilities Management Industry to shorten the supply chain as it delivers the end product much quicker than traditional methods and allows the product to be produced on-site, saving time and money

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