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In our previous articles we have already touched upon what 3D printing is and 3D printing in the Construction Industry. Therefore, continuing with the topic of 3D printing technology, this article is going to look into 3D printing for Property Development where we will be answering the following question: what are the advantages of 3D Printing in the Property Development Industry? Keep reading and find out how adopting 3D printing in the Property Development Industry can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


When you think of 3D printing for the Property Industry, you may be most familiar with the technology being most used for creating scale models of your property development projects. Although, 3D printing can do beyond that and is set to dramatically transform the property industry as the 3D printing technology can create entire 3D buildings. Below we go into detail in the ways in which 3D printing can help you scale up your business as we discuss the advantages 3D printing can offer:

  • Creating entire buildings: 3D printing technology can help the property development industry to build houses and facilities in a way that is more affordable and less time-consuming. The company Apis Corbuilt the largest two-story 3D printed building in Dubai which was built directly on-site without any extra assembly works, testing the equipment under harsh climate conditions of heat and humidity.
  • Quick construction time: ICON and Apis Cor have reported that houses can be built in less than 24 hours. Apis Cor has been at the forefront of adopting 3D printing technology and is the first company to 3D print a functional house in less than 24 hours. ICON has developed a 3D printer, The Vulcan II, to produce 3D printed single-storey buildings and has reported that they have built a tiny 350-square-foot home, costing under £8,000 to build, all under 24 hours
  • More cost-effective: Compared to traditional methods there are plenty of costs involved including, costs, labor, logistics, resources, materials etc. Implementing 3D printing technology into your projects can help to reduce the costs. As 3D printers are able to operate twenty-four-seven, quicken project time, and use the accurate amount of resources required means you can be saving costs on staff labour, time, and material costs along with being able to print on-site instead of printing or manufacturing objects elsewhere and needed them transported over to your project site
  • Creates affordable housing: due to the cost-effectiveness and the faster construction time, using 3D printing technology can help the housing crisis as it can create affordable housing. Materials can be locally sourced and with the fewer staff needed on site reducing labor costs the logistics of creating homes through 3D printing saves time, money, resources compared to traditional methods. Companies such as ICON and WASP are on the mission to make decent, affordable housing available for everyone. WASP has even gone on to help developing countries by extruding straw and earth, so homes can be built using naturally sourced materials
  • Enables custom designs: another advantage of adopting 3D printing into the property development industry is that it can provide people with the freedom to design their space and houses. Therefore, instead of using suggested contractor's layout plans and designs, you'll be able to collaborate with architects to create spaces and buildings unique to you as 3D printers can create odd and atypical design structures. Therefore, 3D printing technology boosts your freedom to innovate and work on creative designs
  • Reaches uninhabitable areas: 3D printing can tackle the issue of reaching uninhabitable areas because 3D printing technology does not take up too much space and resources ,whereas cranes and other equipment may not be able to get to or through. Therefore, 3D printing allows for areas that may remain vacant to be used effectively

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