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We have already looked at what is 5G, where we discussed the uses of 5G and what industries 5G will benefit the most. In this new blog post we are going to discuss 5G for Construction and we are going to answer the following question: What are the advantages of using 5G for Construction? Keep reading to find out how implementing 5G for Construction will help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS.


5G is enabling significant process and data management improvements helping the construction industry with data capturing and analysis, and machine operations in projects. Implementing 5G for construction will bring numerous advantages to your business, helping you to be safer, more efficient, and productive. Our list of advantages will introduce how 5G can benefit the construction industry:

  • Reliable user mobility: 5G is expected to enhance user mobility up-to 500km/h in moving vehicles and heavy construction machinery making it more reliable. 5G will also allow the Construction industry to collaborate on numerous platforms, and provide fast broadband access that will improve connectivity and reliable coverage in remote areas
  • Improvement of operations: with 5G providing low latency it enables your team in real-time to see and understand what is happening on worksites and be able to perform remote or autonomous construction operations because of the information reliability
  • High user density: compared to 4G that supported ten thousand devices, 5G can manage a connection density up-to 1 million connections per square kilometre. This is helpful to large construction sites where 5G will be able to operate devices efficiently and smoothly
  • Real-time visual information: with real-time visuals you will be able to view the project at any time and this will reduce the requirement for people to be onsite. Real-time information will also allow quick responses to changes and updates and ensure coordination with the project. All in which can provide reassurance to the owner and on-demand viewing on the project
  • Improved data access: due to 5G having high bandwidth and low latency you gain access to data that can inform on your: decision making, design phase, any changes during construction, how to minimise issues, and how to possibly decrease the number of future renovations
  • Improved connectivity: another advantage of 5G is that because it is faster and more reliable than its prior generations, it has improved connectivity. The Improved connectivity enhances machine-type communications providing a wide geographical coverage that can help projects such as smart cities. The improved connectivity will be able to help to monitor onsite and offsite, health, location, status, assets, and health
  • Monitoring of site machinery: leading on from machine communication, 5G will benefit site machinery as you will be able to confirm operational availability, ability, autonomous or remote operations
  • Improved coordination: real-time information on site components allows you to make instant changes and updates from the living plan which improves coordination with the project
  • Monitoring of order status of materials: you will be able to monitor and track your order status offsite enabling you to make sure your projects are running on time and in schedule to your plans
  • Improved safety: 5Gs reliability means sensors will more effective which in turn enable you to improve and track safety compliance of individuals
  • Drones unlock their full potential: with 5G providing high bandwidth, IoT (Internet of Things) reliability, fast data transmission, and low latency it enables drones to unlock their true potential allowing them to shoot live 4K or 360-degree videos allowing you to capture high definition videos of your projects

To read more about 5G in the West Midlands, please visit the WM5G's website.

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