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In previous articles we have already covered several topics such as what is 5G,5G for Construction, and 5G for Renewable Energy. In today’s article, we are going to answer the following question: what are the benefits of using 5G within the Property Industry? Keep reading to find out how 5G for Property can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


5G enhances speeds of data, profitability, efficiency, increased safety allowing stronger wireless connection reliability. Implementing 5G for your business will change the way your business operates for you and for the Property Industry, below we discuss what advantages 5G has to offer:

  • Flexibility and efficiency: 5G can enable owners of properties to be able to view captured CCTV footage on multiple devices without the hassle of being on location, helping a more flexible, secure, and efficient way of operating. Smart buildings will also make available more flexibility in office spaces by allowing you to control office room lighting and temperatures
  • Improved connectivity: another advantage of 5G is that because it is faster, more reliable, provides high bandwidth and lower latency compared to its prior generations, this has boosted connectivity reducing network delays. This can for example help hospitals with remote patient monitoring, patient records, and the developments of remote surgery. As well as, public venues because you will be able to receive data quicker and be able to respond immediately if any emergencies occur
  • Higher quality: adding on to improved connectivity, convention centres will also benefit from the low delay sensitivity and high bandwidth. Property owners of the venues can implement 5G to offer for instance technology conferences a high-quality showcase as 5G will be able to handle a higher volume of requirements such as streaming and virtual reality
  • Reduce downtime: incorporating 5G will help improve building maintenance. Augmented reality (AR) can uncover any issues with the building and can enable the relevant people to tackle the problems virtually which in turn reduces equipment failure, downtime and costs as you have the ability to resolve the issue off-site
  • Improve safety: due to 5G and its reliability it can allow for safer working environments by enhancing automation processors. From a distance you will have ability to control machinery instead of manually or onsite, helping to avoid and reduce any risks of injury and accidents
  • Machine type communications: with 5G providing low latency and fast data transmission it enables machines to send information efficiently to other machines, clouds, servers, or people without you having to intervene
  • Profitability: according to WiredScore, landlords and property developers can rent out their buildings and properties that have a good connectivity service at a higher price resulting in increased profitability

To read more about 5G for Property in the West Midlands, please visit the WM5G’s website.

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