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We have already looked at what is 5G and 5G for Construction. In this new blog post we are going to be answering the following questions: what are the advantages of using 5G within the Renewable Energy Industry? And what 5G solutions do we offer for Renewable Energy? Keep reading to find out how 5G for Renewable Energy can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS.


As we have explained in other blog articles, implementing 5G for your business will change the way your business operates for you. 5G makes for a greener future with its potential to help improve the energy efficiency of industrial sectors and below we discuss the advantages of using 5G within the Renewable Energy Industry:

  • Control energy infrastructure: 5G will be able to handle energy infrastructure helping reduce carbon emissions, energy use, and expenses by being able to turn on and off street lighting when there are no vehicles or pedestrians in the area
  • Reduce downtime: 5G will be able to immediately diagnose any breakdowns or issues that occur by the smart grid technology connected by 5G Technology. It will be able to quickly and efficiently find a solution to help the grid get working again
  • Increase of demand-side management: by linking energy consuming devices to a smart grid, a boost in demand-side management will be increased helping reduce electricity peaks, energy costs and support load balancing
  • Improve forecasting: 5G allows devices to be observed to provide better forecasting of energy needs by allowing various unconnected energy-consuming devices to be incorporated into the grid through low-cost 5G connection
  • More cost-effective: with 5G enabling super-fast data transmissions, low latency, and better connectivity compared to the previous 4G Network means each connection takes a reduced amount of time to complete. This will in turn will enable the improvement of saving energy, handling energy generation, transmissions, and cost-effectiveness
  • Improve safety: sensors and networking devices in critical components will enable you to be notified when issues arise for a few examples: when parts are required maintenance or replacement, any interference, or if conditions exceed tolerances. Companies such as wind-based utility businesses will benefit from this as they can then cut down on putting anyone in harm’s way when monitoring and maintaining wind turbines, improving the safety of employees
  • Digest large amount of data: not only does 5G benefit wind-based utility companies but it also supports people working with other sources of energy such as oil and gas. 5G allows for sensors and software run by artificial intelligence (AI) enabling large amounts of real-time data-gathering and output real-time responses helping people to make more informed decisions on issues. This can help the oil and gas industry in the sectors such as upstream, midstream, and downstream
  • Providing communication and reliability: in certain climates solar panels have challenges in communication, with intelligent tuning algorithms they can help solar-generated power equipment that are installed on solar farms and rooftops to collect power from the grid and sell power back. Therefore, 5G can help distribute resources in gloomy weather and provide reliability

To read more about 5G for Property in the West Midlands, please visit the WM5G’s website.


We fully support and promote the adoption of 5G across all viable sectors and industries, and the Renewable Energy Industry is a clear example of an industry that truly benefits from 5G. We have a range of solutions tailored to help you take advantage of implementing 5G in your business:

  • Bespoke Software Development: we are able to provide and create custom between your systems and any third-party 5G-enabled sensors, combining the data and presenting it as real-time, interactive applications
  • Data-driven Digital Twins: we incorporate the information collected by any 5G-enabled sensor or device with our highly accurate Digital Twins. Allowing us to provide your business with visualisation and reporting capabilities

Overall, 5G Technology will play a significant part of your business providing smart energy systems of the future and rapid speeds for data, efficiency, productivity, profitability, and increased safety, making you able to make more informed decisions.

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