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In previous articles we have already explored what Augmented Reality is. In today’s article we will focus on Augmented Reality for Construction by answering the following questions: how can Augmented Reality benefit the Construction Industry? And what solutions do we offer for Augmented Reality and Construction? Keep reading and find out how adopting Augmented Reality into the Construction Industry can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


Augmented Reality (AR) technology can help to revolutionise the Construction Industry as it is beneficial for various people involved in a construction project e.g. designers, architects, stakeholders, engineers, and project managers etc. AR is a virtual interactive copied view of a physical, real-world environment that lets you interact with what already exists, making it possible to merge AR with a construction site and therefore, below we discuss several benefits AR has to offer the Construction Industry:

  • Improves project planning: AR provides the ability to see the end-product in high detail in the project planning stage, allowing you to identify the impacts and benefits your project may have on the and its surroundings. By combining Augmented Reality and BIM (Building Information Model), everyone involved in the project can access insights and real-time visualisations, improving collaboration, decision making, and enabling changes before construction starts. The real-time visualisations can lead to more efficient planning especially with designers and architects as they can obtain accurate measurements preventing the need of building different design option plans
  • Increases safety: adopting AR into the Construction Industry can help onsite inspectors work more safely, save time, and be more cost-effective. Inspectors can use wearables devices like smart glasses such as Microsoft Hololens as safety equipment. The smart glasses can enhance on-site job operations as inspectors can track people’s locations as they move around on the construction site, get instant access to information allowing inspectors to understand and compare what is being built against the Building Information Model (BIM), quickly identify any concerns and alert the relevant people instantly, make automated and accurate measurements, capture photos and document data on demand that can be easily accessed and shared, and so on. The benefits of smart glasses can ultimately reduce risks and allow inspectors to work more efficiently
  • Provides accurate measurements: along with smart wearable devices being able to increase safety, they can also provide accurate measurements of depth, height, and width. Combining BIM and AR, can determine the precise dimensions along with more accurate information on what materials are needed and how many hours of labour are required etc. Being able to conduct accurate measurements can help the Construction Industry save on resources, money, and time
  • Optimises design: AR can help architects and designers to collaborate and make better optimised designs. The Augmented Reality tool, AR Sketchwalk, enables designers to analyse space and present design sketches in a more interactive and clear manner meaning clients will be able to walk through the design, enhancing the design experience. As AR enables you to walk through the project, it can help you to identify any concerns, easily make adjustments, and provide accurate timelines and estimated costs. Architects and designers will be able to provide more accurate design insights, save time and money, and optimise designs
  • Enables site monitoring and tracking: GAMMA AR is a building site monitoring application using AR and BIM connected to your smartphone or device. It enables 3D BIM models to be viewed and accessed during and before the building process, enabling site monitoring which helps decrease the risk of errors, provides everyone with information and understanding of planning, tracks progress, views real-time issues, and helps to reduce construction costs

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