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We have already explored what Augmented Reality is and Augmented Reality for Construction. In today’s article we will focus on Augmented Reality for Property Development by answering the following question: how can Augmented Reality benefit the Property Development Industry? Keep reading and find out how adopting Augmented Reality into the Property Development Industry can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


Augmented Reality (AR) is changing how people interact, view, and find properties. As AR is becoming increasingly popular and adopting AR technology into the Property Development Industry can transform the industry by helping it to save time, money, and speed up the property buying process. Consequently, our list of benefits will introduce how AR can benefit the Property Development Industry:

  • Improves design: AR can help architecture design by creating an exact copy of the physical space in digital formats. This allows Architects to interact with their designs and blueprints and provide accurate measurements, scaling, identify any concerns, and easily make any adjustments. Having designs in a digital format provides a more accurate design insights, save time and money, and improves designs and decisions making
  • Saves time and resources: AR helps to make the showcasing of an asset such as a building easier as it allows potential buyers and sellers to see how the building will look after construction is completed. They can also explore an AR catalog and AR models to narrow down what they like and do not like and to understand what properties are best suited to them.
  • Helpful for non-locals: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is helpful for those who do not live local and who are international because it allows all prospects to view the building regardless of where they are whilst still obtaining a immersive viewing experience
  • Helpful for the locals: not only can AR be helpful for those who do not live locally, it can also be beneficial for those who do or are visiting a neighbourhood. AR can help to locate a property nearby and retrieve the database with information such as: the price, address, number of beds and bathrooms, and real estate contact details as a few examples. By simply walking around and holding up a smartphone with an AR application to see what is on the market can make property hunting much more easier and convenient
  • Identifies hidden elements: AR for Property Development can also aid facility managers and those in the construction industry as it can help them to identify hidden elements such as plumbing, electrics, and pipes. The facility managers can use AR to monitor and carry out remote inspections without having to take apart walls, ceilings, and floor to get to the elements. AR allowing to identify hidden elements provides the construction industry with detailed blueprints and enables better understanding and location of plans such as the sewage piping and the electrical wiring. This can overall reduce any errors, increase safety, and save time and money
  • Customise tours: AR clouds help in providing customized tours to clients. An example of this is if your client has a child you can add digital objects around the property and add children’s toys and a child’s bed, and so on, to help personalise and help the clients to visualise their life. Therefore, instead of verbally describing scenarios AR can can offer visual representation to provide an impressive and customised interactive virtual tour

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