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Following our recent posts about what is BIM and BIM for FM, in this new blog today we are going to talk about BIM for Architectural Design. We are going to answer the following question: what are the advantages of using BIM for Architectural Design? Keep reading and find out how implementing BIM for Architectural Design can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


We have already covered the numerous advantages of adopting Building Information Modelling, or BIM for summary, for Facilities Management, making the buildings more efficient, profitable and safer to maintain.

Architectural Design firms have the common and frequent misconception that they should only use BIM for really big projects that involve numerous parties and public funding. This could be any further from the truth.

By implementing BIM for all projects, especially if you opt for Level 2 or, even better, Level 3, you gain multiple advantages over designing with traditional methods:

  • Enhanced collaboration: with Level 2 and especially with Level 3 you get enhanced collaboration. We specifically recommend moving towards Level 3 as soon as possible as it’s a central model that everyone can work on, but even with Level 2 and local copies, your business will benefit from the collaboration and efficiency
  • More intelligent data: BIM adds 4D (time) and 5D (costs) so you can provide your clients with much better estimates and deliverables from the beginning of the project
  • Richer models: many manufactures nowadays have digital models of their products that you can use in your model. What this means is that if you already know what floor tiles or paint you want to use, you can search for it and import that into your model, allowing to estimate the costs much better and what logistics are needed
  • Intelligent models: besides the additional data that your models will have, whenever you make a change to one of your model’s components, everything else will be updated automatically so everyone will be able to access the very latest information at any time
  • Central repository for all your project’s information: BIM lets you store documentation, specifications or anything that is relevant to your project’s delivery. No need to use convoluted spreadsheets anymore

If you want to know more about BIM in the United Kingdom, please visit the UK BIM Framework’s website.

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