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Visual inspections are methods for quality control, data acquisition, and data analysis and with great consideration into how Visual Inspections can benefit you, this articles details the difference between modern and traditional methods by answering the following questions: What is the difference between drone surveying methods and traditional methods for Visual Inspections? And how can our Visual Inspections with drones provide you with highly accurate and detailed reports? Keep reading to make sure you hire the best company with the best method for you to help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


When doing your research into Visual Inspections, you may have uncovered that there are two methods when it comes to conducting assessments of your assets: the traditional method vs. the modern method.

To clarify, the conventional method of conducting a Visual Inspection relies heavily on the human senses, especially the naked eye. Although the downfall to this is that you cannot always depend on the human to make accurate assessments resulting in human error and depending on what the asset is and where it's located, this can put inspectors in highly dangerous spaces or will require additional costs for scaffolding to access hard-to-reach areas. Whereas, a modern method uses drones where extra equipment can be attached allowing the inspector to work safely from the ground and reach obstructed and potentially dangerous areas.

Therefore, obtaining a Visual Inspection that is carried out by a drone will give you the benefits of receiving highly accurate results much faster, safer, and with reduced costs when compared to traditional methods. Here, we outline a summary of the advantage of using drones for Inspections:

  • Increased safety
  • Human error in calculations is eliminated
  • Ease of getting to obstructed areas
  • Produces permanent, irrefutable evidence which can be used for insurance claims or court evidence etc.
  • Compatible with Machine Learning
  • Can attach additional equipment such as thermal cameras and laser scanners to allow you to get all the information that you need

Read more about how drones can offer you results much faster, safer, more accurately, and with reduced costs by clicking here to view our previous article.


No matter what purpose your Visual Inspection is for e.g. dispute settlements, damage repair, insurance claims, or court evidence, with our fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones that can be kitted out with additional equipment such as laser scanners, thermal cameras, multispectral sensors, and so on, we can produce an unrivalled accuracy of 1 millimetre per pixel in our visual inspections, so you'll receive highly detailed and thorough reports.

Utilising technology in the smartest way possible, we can inspect a variety of sorts from properties, to infrastructure, as well as plants, buildings, dams, bridges, structures, rail tracks, power lines, solar panels, wind turbines, animal count and location, etc., to deliver you different points of view of your asset, minimise risks, and cover more ground in less time, saving you time and money.


For those who need the ultimate flexibility, we also offer the 200x zoom camera, which lets us inspect objects that are far away as if they were just right by us. With lenses that enable us to obtain close-up results allow us to fly our drones away from dangerous spaces or objects and still provide you with comprehensive results and high-quality close-up footage.


We are one of the very few companies that offer aquatic inspections for structures that you may have underwater, like bridge supports or dams. Our aquatic drone can go down to 100 metres in-depth to give you a totally different point of view of your structures and provide you with a more cost-effective approach as usually this type of inspection requires a team of specialised scuba divers.


With visual and thermal cameras, enriched with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) we can compare “as-designed vs as-built”. For instance, roof inspections can be frequently repeated over a duration of a repair project where the reports can be merged with ML, allowing you to keep track of the roof's repair progress to detect discrepancies very early on, prevent unnecessary delays, and save you money by showcasing a side-by-side track of the repair's progress, going back and forth between the different scans. Discover more about roof inspections and ML here.


Our industry-leading thermal imaging camera that can either be used handheld or mounted onto a drone can accurately identify hot/cold spots and visualise the location of potential leaks in roof or pipelines, damages to solar panels, and how energy-efficient your asset or if there's any drainage issues on your land.


Due to our RTK-enabled UAVs enabling us to work safely from the ground and eliminating the need for scaffolding, we can work faster and efficiently, conducting comprehensive roof inspection reports with 99.4% accuracy. The reports we create include the full geometry of the roof providing you with accurate measurements of your roof's slopes, gradients etc., and are available in a range of different formats to allow full integration with tools such as DXF and CAD, as well as video and photographic evidence.


Visual Inspections conducted with drones can be finished in a much shorter time span when compared to traditional methods as fewer resources are required (scaffolding, helicopters, scuba divers, etc.). In some cases, inspections can be completed in around 15 minutes which is significant when it comes to saving you precious time as conventional methods commonly take up to days and even months.

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