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Building energy-efficiente homes and Decarbonisation are aiding the Net Zero emmissions targets and recently LHC has launched a new framework. This article will look into the new framework by answering the following questions: What is the Energy Efficiency Measures & Associated Works framework? And what low-carbon solutions do we offer? Keep reading to find out more about the framework to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


The Energy Efficiency Measures & Associated Works framework (N8) launched by a LHC is a free-to-use guide running until 8th November 2024 that enables landlords, public sector bodies, and local authorities to get specialist suppliers to install energy-efficient measures through two workstreams.

The two workstreams represent:

  • Workstream 1: This is for individual measures which relate to 21 individual energy efficiency measure
  • Workstream 2: For multiple measures for the installation of all 21 energy efficiency measures and associated works

Fully OJEU-compliant, it is also suitable for low, medium and high rise housing schemes and public buildings, e.g. schools and colleges. There are currently two procurement guides readily available for you to read in PDF format:

  1. London - Procurement Guide
  2. South East - Procurement Guide

The framework's energy efficiency measures cover a variety of insulation types, district heating interface units, solar PV with battery storage, air to water heat pumps, cavity wall insulation, EV charging infrastructure, solar thermal systems, etc. Find the full list here.

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