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In a previous article we explained what a hologram is and in this article we are going to dive deeper and explore how holograms can be applied to the Construction Industry. With that in mind, we'll be answering the following question: how can holograms benefit the Construction Industry? Keep reading and find out how adopting holograms into construction can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


A hologram is different to a physical object, as we explained in a previous article, holograms are entirely made up of light instead of physical matter. Holograms can revolutionise the construction industry as they allow people to store digital content, pin information, apps, and multi-dimensional videos in the physical environment in which they are visible, and you can interact with them. When discussing holograms in construction, Microsoft's HoloLens is likely to come to mind as it is the first fully self-contained holographic computer. The holograms from Microsoft HoloLens can appear realistic and can be moved, shaped, and changed in regard to the interaction, providing the Construction Industry with a new way of seeing the world. Therefore, holograms can be beneficial and below we list some way holograms can transform the Construction Industry:

  • Enhances 3D models: Mixed Reality and holographic technology can enhance 3D models by bringing them out of the screen and enable people to engage and interact with the data. This can be an advantage for the Construction Industry as everyone will be able to obtain a better understanding of a project and visualise complex designs. Due to being able to see, understand, and interact with the hologram means that people can execute was is needed in real-time as the visual information supports a more effective production control process
  • Improves collaboration: on top of being able to view real 3D visualisations of 3D models, holograms can also improve remote collaborations as it provides the ability for 3D holograms to be shared with all relevant people and improve communication. Therefore, the interactive immersive hologram experience can enhance the human-human interaction between multiple users
  • Provides a walkthrough: using holograms in construction can allow people like stakeholders to walk around and explore designs in 3D without the need of an expert to guide them through. Holograms provide freedom and can help enhance designs and construction workflow as it can also help with confident decision making and design improvements instead of months down the line
  • Facilities BIM: due to BIM (Building Information Modelling) becoming mandatory in the UK in 2016, holograms can be used to project a BIM model to help guide construction workers on-site. Furthermore, it can also help facility managers as it gives them context when undergoing tasks such as evaluating areas and carrying out maintenance work
  • Supports 2D documents: Mixed Reality (MR) wearable devices give holograms the ability to integrate digital and physical content and are not limited to 3D models. The Microsoft HoloLens can overlay 2D documents, acoustics, energy analysis, equipment metadata, to name a few examples with holograms. This supports communication and provides more confidence in decision-making. Therefore, technology such as the Microsoft’s HoloLens bridges the gap between the 2D and 3D space and allows engineers and architects to cost-effectively visualise and navigate a holographic representation wherever they are and whenever, making it more convenient for everyone
  • Allows for data sharing: Design to Build, Build to Design Sharing up-to-date design data with on-site teams is crucial and using holograms in constructions can provide workers with geo-located data helping them to see the physical environment that is around them and allows workers to map the environment. This can optimise communication from people working in the office to those on-site and therefore also enhances communication and collaboration

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