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Holograms can create new ways for industries to interact, engage, and control the physical environment. In previous articles we have already explored what Holograms are, Holograms for the Construction Industry, and Holograms for the Property Development Industry. In this article we will be learning about Holograms for Facilities Management by answering the following question: how can Holograms benefit the Facilities Management Industry? Keep reading and find out how using Holograms in the the Facilities Management Industry can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


Implementing Holograms into the Facilities Management Industry can help facility managers to streamline their operations. Holograms blend real world objects with digital content to provide immersive and interactive 3D imagery. We look into how Holograms can benefit the Facilities Management industry and how it can help to improve your business. Here are several advantages Holograms can offer:

  • Enhances 3D models: you can intergareate your BIM modelling software with mixed reality technology such as Trimble XR10 with Microsoft's HoloLens 2 to overlay your 3D models directly on the as-built environment. This can help the Facility Management Industry see hidden objects that maybe behind the walls, in ceilings, under floors especially when it comes to maintenance and it can help with remodeling and new designs on existing infrastructure
  • Constructable 3D models: These 3D models can provide the Facility management Industry with important data on things such as how and where components and systems actually exist in the real world. This can help with maintenance as they can deliver up-to-date information on component status and condition enabling facility managers to become quickly informed if any repairs or replacements need doing
  • Better decision making: as constructable models and mixed reality can deliver up-to-date information and the models evolve with the building this means that the Facility Management Industry can gather valuable information like how spaces are being used, a structure's longevity, cost, energy usage etc. This can help facility managers make confident and well informed decisions and make any improvements
  • Quicker maintenance: Holograms can help save time when it comes to maintenance as it can help technicians carry out renovations, remodels, and repairs by getting a better visualisation of the environment and being able to locate elements and available spaces that are behind walls, ceilings, and so on. Due to it speeding up the maintenance process this in turn saves facility managers money as it takes less time and less resources
  • Improves safety: Holograms can show you things such as floor plans, designs, hidden components and elements and deliver you up-to-date information. All of this plays apart in safety as holograms can offer new points of view, helping you to identify any hazards, be more aware of your surroundings, and complete tasks more safer and effectively as you also do not need to handle documents

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