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We have already explored what Holograms are and Holograms for Construction. In today’s article we will focus on Holograms for Property Development as we will be answering the following question: how can Holograms benefit the Property Development Industry? Keep reading and find out how adopting Holograms Into the Property Development Industry can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence are technologies that are revolutionising industries. Applications such as Microsoft's HoloLens are the driving force of future AR applications, helping users interact with 3D holograms of properties in the physical environment. Holograms can create new ways for the Property Development Industry to visualise, share, and manage operations. Consequently, our list of benefits will introduce how Holograms can benefit the Property Development Industry:

  • Saves time and resources: the use of holograms in the Property Development Industry can provide clients and estate agents with remote tours of buildings and facilities. This cuts down on travel costs and saves time as the estate agent does not have to worry about travelling to each location to show people around. When it comes to images of a property sometimes the pictures do not do the property any justice and rooms could appear larger or smaller as you only see one perspective. Holograms can offer different points of view
  • Easily shareable to provide updates: if there is any updates or changes in the construction plan or model of a property then customers need to be updated and Holograms offer a great way to communicate removing the challenge of going back and forth from the site with prospects to show them the changes
  • Enables 360-degree views: The HoloLens application is upping the game for virtual tours as estate agents can offer 360-degree virtual walkthroughs where the prospective buyer can become deeply immersed in the tour as the holograms can appear realistic and can be shaped, moved, and changed in regards to the interaction, providing them with new ways of seeing the property
  • Provides interactive walkthroughs: AR and Holograms can benefit remote walkthroughs as it can provide guided tours where questions can be asked virtually and information of the property can be viewed
  • Enables customisation: using holograms can allow prospective buyers to visualise living there and AR clouds help in providing the ability to customise the areas such as changing the colour of the walls, adding furniture and objects. This can eliminate the need of explaining and describing what the client's life could look like there as you'll be able to show them

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