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In previous articles, we have already discussed what the Internet of Things is, what ZigBee Alliance is, Internet of Things for Construction, and the Internet of Things for Property Development. In this blog post we are going to be discussing Internet of Things for the Facilities Management Industry by answering the following question: what are the advantages of the Internet of Things for the Facilities Management Industry? Keep reading to find out how Internet of Things for the Facilities Management Industry can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


The Internet of Things (IoT) can help build an all-in-one environment for monitoring and managing many aspects of Facility Management and offer the opportunity to optimise employees and occupants daily lives. Here we have identified the advantages IoT can bring to the Facilities Management Industry:

  • Reduces costs: an advantage of IoT is reduced costs and from sectors such as hospitality, healthcare to office space facilities the data collected from the IoT can find patterns in usage. The data can offer better space management as facility management can identify opportunities to release space or avoid allocating additional space where it is not needed. Energy and heat consumption can also be reduced, saving costs, as it can be regulated and provides real-time data where you can determine usage patterns and adjust when necessary
  • Improves wellbeing: sensors and smart building systems such as Atamate and Wondrwall can improve the wellbeing of employers and occupants by monitoring and managing the environment in real-time to meet their needs. This can avoid disputes about temperature being too high or low due to the environment being able to be adjusted to their preferences. The air quality can also be monitored and adjusted to help improve health, along with lighting which can help to reduce stress and strain. By monitoring people’s habits, facility management can gain insights into habits such as how long someone has been sitting at their desk or how long someone has been active for, allowing for suggestions in how they can improve their health and wellbeing along with boosting productivity by removing daily frustrations
  • Improves communication and productivity: connected systems can allow facility managers to provide the relevant people with real-time updates. It also allows you to obtain insights into employee performance enabling managers to understand things such as the types of tasks people thrive in and the number of tasks every team member performs during a workday. This can help understand things like who to delegate tasks to and where more training or improvement is needed
  • Improves safety: sensor-based automation can capture environmental data and allow predictive analytics and therefore alerting on potentially dangerous situations. It will enable facility management to respond quickly and effectively to act upon the current threat without the need of physically being there
  • Reduces risk: IoT sensors, security cameras, and implanted tags can reduce threats and theft by stopping intrusions, assisting with evacuating buildings to finding the quickest and safest route, and alerting the authorities. Technology like drones and robotics can also further improve safety and reduce risks
  • Enhanced compliance: IoT beacons and tags can be used to identify and check if employees or contractors have the right permits and training to work on a facility. They can also assist in evacuation of buildings as sensors will be able to identify if there are any occupants still in the building, helping to guide authorities to them and assist them in finding the nearest exit
  • Improved cleaning and maintenance: IoT sensors will be able to collect real-time data on the capacity of bins and containers to help schedule cleaning rotas and bin collection. As sensors can indicate what resources have been used and associated volumes it can indicate if rooms need to be cleaned or not and therefore improving cleaning and maintenance operations

Embracing IoT technology can help the Facility Management Industry to increase the workforce productivity, the wellbeing of others, safety, and reduce costs from the vast amount of data it collects, allowing you to track and monitor all aspects of Facility Management.

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