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We have already explained what Digital Twins are and explained the UK's plans for a National Digital Twin. Therefore, this article carries on the topic of digital twins as we delve into the Gemini Principles by answering the following questions: What are the key milestones for the National Digital Twin? What are the Gemini Principles? and Why do we need the Gemini Principles? Keep reading to find out more about the National Digital Twin and the Gemini Principles to help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


In the previous article we explained that the UK plans to produce a National Digital Twin (a family of connected twins that can all communicate and understand each other by secure data sharing). In relation to achieving a National Digital Twin, the National Digital Twin Programme (NDTp) was developed creating major key milestones that focus on information management in order for data to be shared openly and securely between future digital twins. The key milestones include:

  • Gemini Principles: these are principles to guide the National Digital Twin and the information management framework that will enable it
  • DFTG roadmap: a plan for five core streams that are responsible for the delivery of the information management framework
  • Digital Twin Hub: a community for early adopters of digital twins
  • Flourishing Systems: a paper supporting a shift in vision for infrastructure that is people-focused and system-based
  • Pathway towards an Information Management Framework: a paper that summaries the technical core for the information management framework
  • Gemini Programme: brings together people and organisations wanting to volunteer to develop materials for use by the Digital Twin Hub community


The Gemini Principles are a common set of values for sharing information created on the core themes of:

  • Purpose
  • Trust
  • Function

In 2018 The Gemini Principles paper by the Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) was released to help support the National Digital Twin and help data to be shared securely.

The principles core themes of purpose, trust, and function carry nine values that include:

  1. Public good: The National Digital Twin must be used to deliver genuine public benefit
  2. Value creation: National Digital Twin must enable improved infrastructure performance and better outcomes
  3. Insight: Provide better decision-making from better analysis and data across the built environment
  4. Security: Enable security and the National Digital Twins to be secure themselves
  5. Openness: On top of security the National Digital Twin should be open
  6. Quality: The National Digital Twins should be built on data that is of high-quality and fit for purpose
  7. Federation: All digital twins should enable connection data from various sources and be connectable themselves
  8. Curation: Requires clear ownership, regulation, and governance so that the digital twins are cared for
  9. Evolution: Digital twins must be able adapt to technology and society evolution to cope with our ongoing changes


As the vision for the UK's National Digital Twin is to improve the built environment, principles are needed to guide the way for the National Digital Twin development and use. Therefore, the Gemini Principles make the National Digital Twin functional, trustworthy and useful across the built environment through its nine values.

To learn and understand more about the Gemini Principles you can click here to read The Gemini Principles report published by the Centre for Digital Built Britain.

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