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You already know how Virtual Reality Tours can help you enhance your guest's experience, and the benefits Virtual Reality Tours can bring to your Hospitality business, so in this article, we will be discussing how to maintain your Virtual Reality Tours by answering the following questions: Why is it essential to keep your Virtual Reality Tours for hospitality up-to-date? and How can we help you maintain and update your Virtual Reality Tours? Keep reading to learn about keeping your tours updated to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


In life, change is inevitable, and those who accept change and acknowledge it can embrace it. This is particularly true in the Hospitality Industry and business in general as maybe the price of your services has changed, you're no longer stocking a particular product, you've redecorated and changed a layout of a room you let out, or a view from a window has adjusted because now a skyscraper has been built near your premise. Many things can evolve, and when it comes to technology, systems, databases, your website, all need to be kept updated, so when it comes to Virtual Reality (VR) Tours, these too are essential to update.

As we discussed in our previous article, VR Tours for Guest Experience, the more information added to your VR Tours, the more enhanced a guests experience will be, but what happens when you neglect to update your VR Tours? Miscommunication and inconsistencies with your brand can occur. For example, maybe on your website, you have a room pricing that is not the same as the room pricing on your Virtual Reality Tours. This can confuse potential guests. Instead of getting the answers they are looking for; it can cause more questions, resulting in them reaching out to inquire or click off altogether, contributing to losing a customer.

Virtual Reality Tours are an excellent way for guests to navigate your premises and book with you out of hours. It is a fantastic marketing tool, making them essential to have correct, valuable and high-quality information to maintain great customer satisfaction.


Since learning that it is crucial to keep your Virtual Reality (VR) Tours up-to-date, you may have a few ideas come into mind; pricing, the products you sell, layouts or that you need to add more external links to help guests get answers to the questions that you keep receiving in your inbox. Regardless of whatever it may be, our team of leading experts can help you implement and maintain your VR Tours and have a whole range of solutions to suit your particular needs.


To prevent miscommunication and keep your brand consistent, we can edit, update, modify and remove any data and materials that you deem necessary and outdated on your Virtual Reality Tours, all in one single location.


Adding additional data is not a problem as we understand the more data-rich your VR Tours are, the better customer experience your guests will receive. Implementing extra data can lead to fewer questions coming your way, enabling you to focus more on other important matters. Therefore, we can incorporate plenty of information, including:

  • CAD floorplans: Floorplans can help your guests find their way around your premise; this can avoid them getting lost and easing anxiety before coming to visit. Not only can it allow guests to navigate their way around with ease, but it can also be beneficial to training staff and new employees to understand the layout
  • External links: We can add external links to wherever you want your guest to directly go when the link is clicked on, whether that be a video, product information or an image gallery
  • Stunning drone videography and photography: Our fleet of drones can provide you with high-resolution crystal clear images and videography, which can be attached to your VR Tours. Video and Imagery is a great way to stand out from your competitors and market your products and services, and we are proud to be one of the very few companies to offer 4K anamorphic, aquatic filming, aerial filming, 360-degree video, 3D 180-degree and 3D 360-degree videos to add innovative footage to your VR Tours
  • Reports from visual inspections: From aquatic checks, roof inspections and thermal inspections, we can perform a range of visual surveys of your assets and produce thorough reports, which can also be helpful for court evidence and damage repairs
  • 360-degree spatial sound: You can make your guests feel as if they are there at your premises by stimulating their hearing senses by implementing background sound


To keep your Virtual Reality Tours organised, you will have access to a centralised billing and a client portal where all your VR Tours will be available to you for convenience and a better workflow.

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