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We have already discussed what Virtual Reality is and what is BIM in previous articles. In this article we are going to talk about the benefits of both VR and BIM combined by answering the following question: what are the benefits of Virtual Reality and BIM? Keep reading and find out how Virtual Reality and BIM can help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


Virtual Reality (VR) has been adopted by industries and used for multiple purposes such as video gaming, product prototyping, and training simulations to name a few. Incorporating VR technology into BIM (Building Information Modelling) models offers immersive and data-rich experiences by allowing you to view a VR model of your projects. Below we discuss how VR and BIM can benefit your projects and business:

  • Improves decision-making: incorporating BIM with VR can produce accurate virtual representations of facilities. 3D renders and building map visualisations can help make informed decisions about planning, design, and build and help manage equipment and infrastructure. This results also into better collaboration because everyone involved in the project can access the insights and reports enhancing workflow, productivity, and efficiency
  • Enhances collaboration: BIM provides a collaborative way of working with all relevant key players on a project as it uses digital technologies (3D modelling) helping to improve designing, maintaining, and the delivery of assets throughout their entire life cycle. Since 2016, in the UK the Government Construction Strategy (GCS) outlined that BIM is now mandatory as part of the document process and combining BIM with VR can lead to better communication as everyone involved will be provided with a greater understanding of the project due to a greater design visualisation. Combining both technologies allows everyone to interact with the BIM model (e.g. visualise the measurements and geometry), discuss concerns, and make improvements, which forms better decision-making and improved communication
  • Increases safety: due to VR and BIM being able to identify problems in design before any construction takes place this helps to reduce coordination errors. Using BIM for 4D simulation, clash detection, and on-site spatial coordination can help contractors reduce risk levels and manage health and safety, design development, and coordination. Another example of how VR and BIM can work together to increase safety is when facility managers are conducting inspections on-site, they will have access to real-time virtual data which can consult them, help them analyse, or retrieve information saving time and resources
  • Enables walkthroughs: VR provides an immersive interactive experience and can be used to present a space that has not yet been built. This gives professionals such as engineers, architects, and construction managers and their clients a visual representation of their design early on. Therefore, VR technology and BIM can enable a virtual walkthrough where people can gain multiple perspectives of the building, from inside or outside, allowing them to observe, walk around, reach out and touch objects through a 3D model in a virtual environment in real time
  • Helps improve design: as everyone involved can get an idea of what the building or space would look like before it's constructed or complete allows interior designers to determine how to decorate the interior and gives them a whole new experience. Architects can also interact with their designs and blueprints and provide accurate measurements, scaling, identify any concerns, and easily make any adjustments. Having designs in a interactive digital format provides a more accurate design insights helping to improve designs and decisions making
  • More cost-effective: due to VR and BIM making it easier for professionals and clients to visualise designs in the early stages, it can help save on costs as it can help determine the accurate amount of material and resources needed, spot any concerns early on, and reduce the amount of workers needed on the projects
  • Increases understanding of BIM models: VR and BIM together can offer people a better understanding of BIM models as if there are any problems or difficult situations you will be able to communicate better by seeing the issue in full scale in first person

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