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In previous articles we've explained exactly what Virtual Reality is and how it is useful for the Property Development Industry which includes renovated properties. However, in today's article we are going to be applying Virtual Reality to the Retail Industry as we answer the following questions: What is Virtual Reality? and How can Virtual Reality Tours benefit the Retail Industry? Keep reading to learn how Virtual Reality can be applied to your store to help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


To clarify what Virtual Reality (VR) is, it is a full digital walkthrough of a premise or building that a user can interact directly with. The user has the ability to access the premise without having to be physically there, where they can scroll around and walk through the digital environment.

Therefore, applying Virtual Reality Tours to Retail can enable your customer (the user) to have an interactive and immersive experience with your shop, all from the comfort of their own home using their favourite internet browser, even when your premises are closed, helping you to never have to miss out on making a profit.


As Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit, in recent years under the government lockdown restrictions, the operation of shops being open to the public ceased causing the Retail Industry to be severely affected with thousands of chain store outlets to close down.

The shockwaves the Coronavirus pandemic sent to the Retail Industry has encouraged the growth of Technology in multiple sectors, and so future-proofing your business by making it digital can allow you to still operate in the current climate of a pandemic and be prepared if another lockdown happens. And so here, we list how Virtual Reality Tours can benefit the Retail Industry:

  • Business is accessible 24/7: Even out of work hours when your premise is closed and even during open hours, potential customers from the safety of their own homes can virtually visit your store offering customers full accessibility and flexibility
  • Disability-friendly: Due to efficient access to your business anytime, anywhere this can open up the doors for those with restricted mobility and disabilities to easily navigate around your shop and spend as much time as they need without having to stress or worry about going to your store
    -Immersive experience: VR Tours provides an enriched and informative experience by giving them additional details about your company, products, goods, services, etc, where customers can interact with the premise
    -Data-rich customer experience: You can embed vast amounts of information into your VR Tours such as video, images, documents, floor plans, and links giving your customer all the information they could possibly need enabling you to have to answer fewer questions and attend other important matters whilst delivering an excellent customer experience
  • Adheres to social distancing and lockdown rules: Selling goods has been merely impossible if your business isn't online due to lockdown restrictions requiring a majority of shops to close as we are challenged with a global pandemic. Virtual reality Tours offer a solution for the Retail Industry to continue to keep operating, enabling you to carry on selling your goods, products, or services without customers having to physically come to your store and therefore without breaking any rules in the process. The realistic and Immersive 3D visualisations of Virtual Reality Tours provide the opportunity for your business to not slow down and power through these unprecedented times as potential customers can browse your premises from the comfort of their own home and make a purchase online
  • Reaches people globally: As your store can be viewed anytime, anywhere by anyone who has access to the internet, Virtual Reality Tours enable people not just from your local area but from around the world to view your shop and potentially make a purchase which is great as you can discover new markets of where people are viewing your products from or if you ship internationally
  • Presents your store in a clean and tidy manner: With a Virtual Reality Tour, you only need to clean and tidy your store once for the VR Tour meaning that every time someone views your shop online it will be presented in excellent condition
  • Training employees: Employees can benefit from 3D walkthroughs of your store as they can help new employees learn their way around helping them to hit the ground running. Using VR Tours to train employers is a good way to save time and money
  • Enables safe store reopenings: After the pandemic, you can use VR Tours to limit in-store visits and provide customers with virtual assurance as they can view your store's layout before making arrangements to visit in-person or doing a quick pickup to ensure physical distancing and health and safety procedures are being met
  • Increases brand awareness: You can increase your online digital exposure and brand awareness by showing off your store using modern technology, Virtual Reality. Vr can help your customers engage with your brand and store on another level by allowing them to see inside and explore your store online

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