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During the global Coronavirus pandemic, countries enacted lockdowns with stay-at-home measures, impacting on the way we went about our day-to-day lives and changing how businesses operate and adapt to change. Technology is playing a crucial role and as we have already previously explained what Virtual Reality is, in this article we are going to explore how Virtual Reality Tours can help your business keep going by answering the following questions: What is a Virtual Reality Property Tour? and How can Virtual Reality Tours benefit the Property Development Industry? Keep reading to find out how you can implement Virtual Reality to help you #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


A Virtual Reality Tour, also abbreviated to a VR Tour, is a full digital walkthrough of a property or building, allowing the user to scroll around and walk through the digital environment. VR Tours can be still images or videos of a property where shots are carefully combined to create a digital copy of the real property, enabling prospective buyers to browse and view properties online without having to physically go to the location.

Users are able to take a virtual tour anytime, anywhere regardless if the premises are open or closed. They can access the virtual reality tour on any device to explore the various rooms of the property from multiple angles, and can view featured floor plans that allow the user to understand the space along with any other additional data embedded such as background music, videos, links, etc to enhance user experience.


You may be doubting if implementing Virtual Reality Tours is worth it and we believe it is, especially as we all continue to navigate our way through the global Coronavirus pandemic, with more and more businesses adopting technology, and embracing the change of the transition into a new normal. Therefore, below you will find a list of the biggest benefits that Virtual Reality Tours can offer the Property Industry to deliver you insights on how adopting Virtual Reality can be a game changer:

  • Adheres to social distancing and lockdown rules: Selling homes can be a tough thing to accomplish as we are among a global pandemic and everyone has been told to stay at home and save lives, abiding to social distancing and lockdown rules. Virtual reality Tours offer a solution for the Property Industry to continue to keep going and enable you to carry on selling homes without the need to be physically present. The realistic and Immersive 3D visualisations Virtual Reality Tours provide sellers and property developers the opportunity to not slow down and keep going during these unprecedented times as potential customers can browse property portfolios from the comfort of their own home
  • Cost-effective: Investing in feature-rich, high-quality three-dimensional Virtual Reality Tours may seem expensive, however they can help you to save money when you compare it to the investment in traditional property marketing. VR tours serve well for first viewings, eliminating in-person viewings, allowing the most interested prospective buyers to follow up with you. This then easily allows you to narrow down your qualified clients, potentially cutting down the hours you spend with clients who aren't fully interested and therefore, this in turn increases your productivity and efficiency of doing other tasks as you chase leads
  • Saves time: Implementing Virtual Reality Tours can save time for both you and your clients. With VR there is no need to travel from property to property to show off homes as clients can simply enjoy an immersive 3D tour from their own home to help them form a decision, saving you time that could be best spent catching up on leads, retaining loyal customers, and scheduling open houses as well as your potential customers time
  • Great for people who are restricted mobility: Not only is viewing properties time-consuming, but those with disabilities may face certain challenges that can cause an issue for them to view a property. Virtual Reality helps individuals who are restricted to have access to view the property and look around without having to physically be there. Therefore, implementing VR Tours opens up and widens the scope for potential interest in properties as buyers can view them remotely
  • Reaches people globally: As properties can be shown through Virtual Reality Tours enabling clients and customers to walk around and view your properties remotely and boost your productivity. VR helps you to showcase properties to long-distance buyers and those who are abroad as it doesn't matter where the person lives
  • Engages the customer: VR Tours can engage customers by online communication to enhance interaction. Those viewing the property can comment and ask questions enabling you to reply back in real-time, all from the comfort of your office
  • Presents properties in a clean and tidy manner: With a Virtual Reality Tour, you can clean and tidy the property once and every time someone views the property online it will be in excellent condition. This can help you to avoid making the property as appealing as possible for days on end and even potentially having to make multiple visits or staying over near the location of the property
  • Offers an immersive customer experience: As people can access your properties virtually, remotely, at any time, anywhere, this means they don't have to be in a hurry and can be on the tour for as long as they want. This immersive customer experience can make people feel a sense of ownership over a property and a personal connection. With additional information and interactive add-ons for example, mortgage calculators and descriptions of the neighbourhood, also allows customers to find answers to any questions they may have had before contacting you. As VR Tours can offer an emotional and personal experience this can nudge customers to taking the next necessary steps in signing a rental or purchase agreement

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