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What are multi-rotor drones?


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Drones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with and without cameras, etc. For those that are not very familiar with them, in this new blog article we are going to answer the following questions: what are multi-rotor drones?, what are the main advantages of multirotor drones?, what are the disadvantages of multirotor drones?, and how do we use multirotor drones on a daily basis to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS?


Out of the military, multi-rotor drones are what people are more familiar with. They are called multi-rotor because they have more than one motor, more commonly 4, 6 or 8 motors, but in some cases just 2 or 3 motors. There are several reasons why drones have multiple rotors:

  • To increase blade surface area: By having multiple shorter blades they amount to the same are that a larger blade would have in a single rotor configuration.
  • To move more air: since the blades are much shorter, multiple rotors are required to generate the required lift and move sufficient air.
  • To have a safety redundancy: This is especially important in drones with 6 or more rotors. In case of malfunction, the more rotors that a drone has, the easier it would be to bring down to safety and prevent a serious accident.


For us, multirotor drones have multiple advantages over fixed-wing drones:

  • We have much more control of the aircraft during the flight.
  • They have increased manoeuvrability: it can move up and down on the same vertical line, side to side, back to front and rotate in its own axis.
  • We can fly them much more closely to structures and buildings: since we have much more control of the aircraft, we can get as close as we need or as close as it is safe to do to the subject of the inspection
  • We can have multiple payloads per flight: with our top-of-the-line multirotor drones we can have one camera on top and two on the bottom, to increase operational efficiency and cut down the time that our inspections take

With these advantages of multirotor drones, we can deliver the quality outputs that you expect from us.


Despite all the good things about multirotor drones, they also have some disadvantages when compared to fixed-wing drones:

  • summary battery life. Depending on weather conditions and payload weight, we would not get more than 25 or 30 minutes of battery life per charge
  • They have more parts that could break down, like rotors, blades, etc. This is why our constant inspection and maintenance is a big part of our daily routine
  • They cover a lot less area per battery charge. Depending on weather conditions and the type of inspection, we can cover just a few hectares per battery charge


For us, multirotor drones play a key role in our drone operations and we use them for a big variety of inspections:

  • Visual inspections: with our multirotor drones we can produce an unrivalled accuracy of 1 millimetre per pixel in our visual inspections of all kinds: plants, buildings, dams, bridges, structures, rail tracks, power lines, solar panels, wind turbines, animal count and location, etc. For those who need the ultimate flexibility, we also offer the 30x zoom camera, which lets us inspect objects that are far away as if they were just right by us
  • Multispectral analysis: this is a crucial inspection that we conduct to assess the health of your crops, if there are any pests like fungi, where are your weeds located, etc.
  • Thermal reports: from energy efficiency analysis to people location, and from solar panel inspections to soil drainage capabilities, our state-of-the-art high-definition thermal camera will produce crystal clear results
  • 3D scans: our multirotor drones produce highly detailed and accurate 3D scans and 3D maps of lands, objects, structures and buildings that can be used in BIM, 3D Modelling, visualisations, videogame creation, accident reconstruction, etc.
  • Videography: we are the only company offering you true anamorphic videos" taken with drones. These videos produce much more cinematic results and we also have anamorphic lenses for our handheld cameras to create matching footage on the ground
  • Photography: from single photos to 360 degree panoramas, we deliver stunning images taken from a new point of view

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