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5G is the next evolutionary step in mobile connectivity and the West Midlands is the testbed for its implementation in the United Kingdom. In today’s article, we are going to answer the following questions: What is 5G? What can 5G be used for? What industries is 5G going to benefit the most? and what services do we provide for 5G? Keep reading and find out how 5G will help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS.


5G is an acronym for fifth-generation cellular wireless. It is the latest generation of cellular technology that offers an increase in the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks compared to its prior generations: 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

The generations before 5G are:

  • 1G: mobile voice calls
  • 2G: mobile voice calls and SMS
  • 3G: mobile web browsing
  • 4G: mobile video consumption and higher data speed

With faster download speeds — similar to fibre optic, but without having to be at home or the office — and with reduced latency in communications, 5G improves real-time connections and provides greater bandwidth, allowing an increase in the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems and making smartphone users gain a better experience with enhanced mobile broadband.

The connectivity offered by 5G offers efficiency and benefits to people and businesses. 5G presents the ability for super-fast data transmission between two end systems, making it easier to be connected to multiple devices at once with stable and reliable connection, less battery consumption, lower latency and allowing the enhancement of cutting-edge technology.


People and businesses across various sectors are benefiting from 5G already. With 5G’s speed and responsiveness, it is improving and making hot trends in technology:

  • Virtual Reality: this is making a trend in the hands of filmmakers, with virtual reality movies being displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show and at the Sundance Film Festival, putting you in control of the story and being able to perform stories
  • Remote surgery: with 5G providing low latency, medical students will be able to practise surgery in a virtual reality environment to provide them with real-life experience
  • Self-driving vehicles: due to the speed and responsiveness of 5G, vehicles will be able to communicate to other vehicles and sensors built all around the area
  • Drones: 5G will give the ability for drones to unlock their full capabilities by allowing for precise control of the drone, and high-definition video capturing
  • Home broadband: with mobile phones adapting to 5G it could also replace traditional home broadband


The introduction of 5G has opened new capabilities, a faster, stable, and more secure connection that presents opportunities for people, businesses, cities, towns, and society to be more connected and more sustainable. Here are several industries 5G is going to benefit the most:

  • Manufacturing: with improved faster connectivity and technology enhancement such as real-time data analysis for machines and devices, the manufacturing industry can help workers be more productive
  • Retail: not only will it help managers receive data about their products in store, but it will also benefit the customers. Soon, dressing room mirrors will have RFID tags inside them for the customers to easily access information about the products too
  • Media and Entertainment: 5G has lower cost per gigabyte compared to its older generations means that streaming is more cost-efficient
  • Healthcare: 5G can transform how a patient receives care with technology, allowing the healthcare industry sector to analyse health data in real-time and expand on health applications. For example, medical students will be able to practise surgery in a virtual reality environment to provide them with real-life experience
  • Social Care: not only does 5G enable biomonitors to detect patients health in real-time, 5G can keep patients and their families connected by using virtual reality, as well as pharmacists and patients being able to connect using video systems, allowing pharmacists to work remotely
  • Hospitality: most things can be accessible via your mobile phone, from changing the room temperature, lighting, switching channels on the tv, and ordering room service. 5G is set to improve communication with staff members and guests
  • Financial Services: the fastness of 5G will improve the speed of banking applications such as mobile payments. The industry will also be able to gain real-time understanding of their customers’ behaviours that will allow them to personalise products and services to them
  • Transportation: vehicle’s sensors will be able to send and receive information to and from other vehicles, hence 5G will enable vehicle-to-vehicle communications, making the transport industry safer
  • Public Services: along with transportation, 5G could be used by local authorities and public bodies to improve public services such as street lighting, parking, and traffic management
  • Farming: autonomous farming machinery will be about to comb the field by using a video sensor and use fertilisers and pesticides where needed, helping improve efficiency and save resources

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