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What Is Internet Of Things?


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The Internet of Things can help businesses and people to become more efficient, gain better insights, and control over objects and environments. In today’s article will be explaining what the Internet of Things is by answering the following questions: what is the Internet of Things? What are examples of the Internet of Things? And what services do we provide for the Internet of Things? Keep reading and find out how Internet of Things will help you to #ONEUPYOURBUSINESS!


The Internet of Things, also abbreviated to IoT, is everything connected to the internet. The “things” are physical objects that have software, sensors, and other technologies inserted for them to be able to connect and share data with other devices and systems over the internet.

There are three categories in which the Internet of Things that are being connected to the internet can be places in:

  • Things that collect information and then send it
  • Things that obtain information and then act on it
  • Things that do both

The Internet of Things can provide businesses and people with opportunities to become more efficient, gain better insights, control over objects and environments and connect to the world around them.


People and businesses across various sectors are benefiting from the Internet of Things already. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides us with opportunities to help us become more efficient by making our environments, vehicles, and the way we do things smarter. It can save us money, time and help the environment by lowering emissions in the process. Here are several examples of Internet of Things applications:

  • Smart homes: this is big among technology companies such as [Amazon]( “Amazon”), [Google]( “Google”), and [Apple]( “Apple”). Smart homes include Internet of Things appliances like smart speakers, smart plugs, lightbulbs, cameras, thermostats etc. Smart speakers, to name a few examples, [Amazon Echo]( “Amazon Echo”) and [Google Home]( “Google Home”) make it easier to play music, set timers, and get information. Smart thermostats and lightbulbs allow you to control and monitor your environment when you are out and about and home security systems support inside and outside monitoring that can enable you to see and speak to visitors from afar. Smart home products are promised to save time, energy, and money
  • Smart cities: the Internet of Things (IoT) can help improve pollution, traffic congestion, and energy suppliers. Examples of Internet of Things for smart cities include smarter energy management systems, security and environmental monitoring, automated transportation, and smart surveillance. Sensors installed around the city will enable real-time data of what is happening and can help towards things such as informing on available parking spaces and alerts to when bins need to be emptied
  • Wearable devices: these devices have embedded sensors and software that capture data and information about the users, are small sized, and have low power which makes them highly energy efficient. Wearable devices can cover fitness, health, and entertainment and provide insights about the user an example is [Samsung’s Gear Fit]( “Samsung’s Gear Fit”) that has a tracker allowing GPS to be combined with the device enabling runners to monitor their routes
  • Smart agriculture: IoT devices can identify weather conditions and other environmental data and other applications are able to collect data on pest infestation and soil content. Applications of IoT technologies can help farmers for instance, produce high quality produce, determine the best time to harvest, and recognise soil nutrients and moisture levels. Therefore, by using IoT sensors farmers can collect data helping them make more informed decisions, and improve workflow from livestock to harvesting
  • Smart retail: IoT offers retailers opportunities to connect with their customers and enhance their in store experience by using smartphones. Smartphones that use Beacon technology will allow retailers improve their customer service, track the customers journey in the store and improve the layout
  • Connected vehicles: connected vehicles focus on in-car experience where they can enhance their own operation, maintenance, comfort by installed sensors and internet connectivity. Automobile companies such as [BMW]( “BMW” and [Tesla]( “Tesla”) are working towards revolutionising the industry
  • Connected healthcare system: IoT healthcare also called the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) can provide high-quality medical services and treatment. Technology will be able to provide real-time data enabling you to monitor patients remotely and report emergencies which can immediately inform the relevant people. IoT devices will be able to gather data such as sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, and oxygen and allow the data the be easily stored and accessed when needed helping with workflow and helping saving lives

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