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What is Virtual Reality?


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In recent years Virtual Reality has changed and improved the customer experience of sectors like Construction, Property, Medicine, Insurance, Retail, Hospitality, etc. However, despite its popularity, people still have some misconceptions about it. In this article we will answer the following questions: what is Virtual Reality?, what are the benefits of using Virtual Reality for your business? and what Virtual Reality solutions do we offer?


Virtual Reality, commonly abbreviated as VR, is the use of different technologies to create a digital environment that the user can interact directly with. To achieve this direct and immersive interaction, the user wears specialist goggles (called head-mounted displays or HMD) that replace the glasses with digital screens, and in some cases they might also wear specialist gloves and suits in order to allow for a deeper interaction, like moving around the environment or grabbing things.

Some of the most popular brands of head-mounted displays are Oculus, HTC, Sony, Samsung and Google. Keep in mind that some of these head-mounted displays only work with specific devices or platforms.

The digital environment could be a digital copy of a real environment, what we call a digital twin. We covered the subject of digital twins in a previous blog article.


Many people think that Virtual Reality does not have any apparent benefit for their business, but with the global pandemic in 2020 and with the need for social distancing staying with us for the foreseeable future, it is clearer than ever that it provides your clients and customers with unrivalled experiences from the comfort of their own home or office.

For those in Insurance, Construction and Property a Virtual Tour of your property portfolio will allow your clients and managers to walk around and inspect all your properties safely and remotely. All our digital tours are enriched with additional data, like thermal efficiency reports, CAD floor plans, photos, videos, music, external links, information coming from smart sensors, etc.

If you work in Retail and Hospitality, you can give your customers the chance of interacting with your premises, product displays and services as if they were physically with you at whatever time of the day they want, even if your premises are closed, therefore increasing your sales and profits.

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